Monday, November 29, 2010

Wedding crybabies

The reason why I love weddings is obvious -- there is so much love and joy going around.

But we all know that sometimes, weddings also bring tears (of joy mostly). And these are photos that pull the heartstrings.

It goes without saying that a regular wedding photographer should be able to take shots of still life -- your immobile gown, your rings, your shoes which won't protest as they hang on for dear life on chandeliers and teeter on window sills, your bouquet shot in every angle imaginable hoping that they'd make it to your reception after all that manhandling.

But a good wedding photographer not only takes shots of items --- he or she must be able to capture moments.

Your photographer can't spend the entire day trying to get the right light to make the wedding rings glow. He or she was hired to document the event, so he/she must be able to piece together a wedding story for everyone to feel what it was like to attend the wedding, long after the gifts have been opened.

A good photographer knows that not every bride or groom is comfortable posing or getting directions to act a certain (usually cheesy) way . Instead of yelling "show me sweet, give me a sweet shot!" or "come on, people, give me a wacky shot!," the photographer should be able to capture endearing or funny moments without having to orchestrate it. More often than not, staged shots look just that -- staged, unforgivably fake.

It goes without saying that a wedding photographer's job is not just to shoot the obvious, but elements that other guests and relatives won't be able to catch with their digital cameras and cellphones.

Here are some shots I borrowed from Joannie of Daniel Lei Studio featuring one of the most spontaneously touching wedding moments that could be missed, if you're photographer wasn't paying attention.

Look at the altar boy watching the bride's reaction to her groom.

A brushed tear.

A little sniffle here.

Some sniveling there.

Stifling a sob here.

A full burst there.

A couple that cries together...

...stays together.

Why does the usher have to ruin his moment? :-)

Last but not the least, a flower girl having a bawl. :-)

All images from Daniel Lei Studio
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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Party at the Pergola

Last November 26, I was fortunate enough to be invited to the annual Christmas party and W@wie Awards at The Pergola, CCP Complex.

The W@wie Awards is an annual tribute to Wedding Suppliers who have gained much love and respect from the Weddings at Work community of brides and grooms. Past Top Winners of the much-coveted award include Jason Magbanua (video), Veluz Reyes (attire), Cecilio Abad (attire) and Paul Vincent (Photography) who were all present during the 2010 W@Wie Awards.

Getting invited to the W@wie Christmas party is something that the W@wies look forward to because of the generous suppliers who sponsor the wedding-related prizes and of course, it gives them the opportunity to meet fellow W@wies they've met through the on-line community.

Thanks to Dylan of Vatel Manila (who won Top 5 in the W@wie Awards), I was able to check out the Pergola and rub elbows with the country's wedding royalties. The wedding enthusiast was truly starstruck that night, breathing the same air as the suppliers who are usually part of every Filipina bride's dream team.

If I were a bride, I could have booked all the suppliers I needed that night. :-)

My seatmates and I were stuffed with the delicious feast that Josiah's prepared. We sampled the mongolian barbecue, pasta bar and dessert buffet. I was also in cake heaven as we got a handful of treats from popular cake craftswoman, Joy San Gabriel.

Wild Cocktails, who set-up their cocktail bar, gamely offered their drink mixes, including concoctions presented in test tubes and syringes (all legal, of course). :-)

Josiah's pasta bar, beside Party Pics photo booth

The garden area at the Pergola, perfect for cocktails.

The Mongolian barbecue area

A video presentation of the Top 10 W@wie Suppliers

Some of the drinks from Wild Cocktails.

Awarding of the Top 10.

Large print out versions of the 2011 W@wie calendar.

Awarding of the Top 5

A special number from Abet Rana (co-founder of Weddings@Work with some of the country's wedding suppliers)

A souvenir coin to celebrate 10 years of W@W

Congratulations to the Top 10, Top 5 and 2010 W@Wie Supplier of the Year, Rejectkrew!

Top 10:

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Merienda Cena -- wedding style

Merienda Cena: a light meal or snack taken usually in the afternoon, much like the English afternoon tea, but usually closer to dinner.

* * *

A few days ago, I attended a lovelier than lovely gathering of friends and family to celebrate the natal day (albeit a month delayed) of Vatel Manila's flower genius, Dylan Gozum.

I have never been to The Mango Farm and I was excited to see both the venue and the set-up for Dylan's intimate party.

K by Cunanan provided the delectable food as well as some of the details that made this day truly an affair to remember.

The "mood" table which was a preview of things to expect that afternoon.

Love the vintage typewriter!

Herbs on the napkins, moss and rose cacti on vintage jars gave the tables a touch of SoCal (Southern California).

The long tables clad in tiffany blue and mustard napkins.

Never has lemonade, vanilla iced tea and lemon water been more refreshing and chic with these vintage juice jars!

Dessert and candy for everyone! My heart leaped.
Dylan treated his guests with curly tops, gummy worms, gummy rings and nips in these delicate containers.

The psuedo pritchon station (crackling pork wrap).
I was so smitten by those adorable frames!

Dylan, giving thanks for an abundance of blessings. :-)

Strawberry sorbet. Y-U-M-M-Y.

Because twilight arrived quicker than usual, I wasn't able to take more photos of the Mango Farm. :-(

I'll be the first to declare that my photos did not do justice whatsoever to possibly the most memorable, most charming intimate event I have ever attended in my life.

So I'll let you see it through the unbelievably talented eyes of J Lucas Reyes who left no detail go unnoticed, or any aspect unphotographed, allowing those who were not able to attend witness this event from his perspective.

The dynamic duo of Kel & Mar of MyPhotato who officially documented the event.

That's Cathy, the object of J's affection :-)

The wedding enthusiast arrives. :-)

The celebrant with Turnip, the mild-mannered dog.

J Lucas Reyes not only captured the mood and tone of that dreamy afternoon but also the prevailing emotions of gratitude, joy and love. That's what you get from a photographer who takes photos using his heart :-)

Of course, this post won't be complete without seeing the super shareworthy video from MyPhotato.

If all those who helped Dylan make this merienda cena such a beautiful event, just think what they can do for your wedding!

More photos of this event from MyPhotato and Vatel Manila

As of this writing, Vatel Manila/Dylan Gozum made it to the Top 5 Wedding Suppliers of 2010 at the Weddings at Work Awards.
Congratulations Dylan!

The Mango Farm
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