Friday, October 22, 2004

Rahyan and Meleen's wedding story

You know that feeling like you’ve been looking for someone, really search and yet feel as if that person doesn’t exist? Then just when you lift everything to God and promise not to feel bad just in case his plan for you is not to have a lifetime partner, someone comes along. That’s how I found Rahyan.

Or how he found me.

Or maybe even more accurate, how God planned for us to meet.
I was really at a point in my life that I was ready to live as a singleton for the rest of my days. I went to Baclaran, specifically the Shrine of Our Lady of Perpetual Help regularly, not praying for a partner but rather, praying that if I were to have another relationship, let it be for keeps. Let him be the one God has truly planned for me. At one point, I made an actual list of the qualities I wanted in a lifetime partner and I told God that I will accept no one who can not live up to at least 90% of the things on my list. Guess what, Rahyan had about 95% of those qualities! How else could I go wrong? Rahyan and I met when I joined an acting workshop to which he was the overall head. It wasn’t love at first sight but on one night that he and I got down to talk about life and such after watching would you believe, Finding Nemo, everything fell into place.

August 5, 2003

This was the day that Rahyan and I became a couple. To this day, we both didn't know how it happened, but after watching a movie together for the first time, played with Goddess tarot cards and spilled our past love stories, we simply felt that we clicked. I can really say that I wasn't certain at first about Rahyan's suggestion to become a couple but something in me was really pushing me to do so. You know that "inner voice" thing? You just had to override logic when your heart tells you to do something. And so I did.

February 2004 -- The Proposal

I can't remember exactly how it happened.

There was no hidden string ensemble by the bushes in a fancy restaurant. No flowers. No engagement ring presented on a silver platter or stuck on a little cake.

It was a text message. From me. :-)

Months into the relationship, Rahyan and I would often talk about getting or not getting married. We were starting to wonder if we were both the marrying type or not. I always told him however that marriage is something really sacred to me. Something that is forever. Something that I would never do unless I was really sure whoever I was going to marry was whom God sent for me.

So how did I know it was Rahyan? I just knew.

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