Thursday, April 26, 2012

A Sunny soiree

Just when we all thought summer is here, the rains come.

And just when we thought the gloom would last, we come across a wedding that brightens up our day like a surge of sunshine. :-)

Loving those lamps and the splashes of sunlight on the aisle.

Flowers by Vatel Manila

Pretty bridesmaids and bouquets all in a row. :-)

Don't those boutonnieres and table centerpieces remind you of the animated movie, "Up"?

I swear, only My Photato can make parasol handles look so pretty!

All the guests (the human and four-legged kind) were sun-shiny-happy!

These vintage bikes are so romantic! (in a rustic kind of way) :-)

Feathers, flowers and a cage veil -- love them all!

The gown details are so exquisite. Sheer, sparkly, soft and sexy all at the same time!

That has got to be the sunniest backdrop I have ever seen!

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