Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The tie that binds in the City of Pines

The Wedding Enthusiast was in Baguio a week ago and after spending just a few days there, we can truly say that a Baguio trip is an experience worth doing over and over. There is something about this place that makes everyone so nostalgic, romantic and dewy-eyed.

Although I haven't been to every nook and cranny in the Philippines, I can say that Baguio makes you sometimes feel like you're in another country. The lush pine tree forests, the roads all inclined, the cool weather, the fresh fruits and vegetables are all worth the almost 5-hour trip from Manila.

It is no wonder that many couples, despite the distance and complications in preparing for an out-of-town wedding, choose this destination to tie the knot.

Here's a set from Jaja Samaniego, capturing the very essence of a Baguio wedding -- cool yet filled with warm smiles, romantic and breathtakingly beautiful.

One of Baguio's favorite dwelling place, The Manor at Camp John Hay.

Inspired by Baguio's lush pines, I want to plant some of my own and maybe have a "little Baguio." :-)

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Jaja Samaniego
+63917 8045779

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Farm fun love

Farming or gardening is a subject close to my heart. There is something about the wisdom that we can derive from taking care of trees and animals -- nurturing needs gentle hands, patience, and perseverance. Isn't it the same with love and marriage? :-)

Here's another set from Shutterfairy that shows the happiness we can harvest with the right amount of water and sunshine we put in our relationships. 


I never thought egg shells and egg cartons could be photographed beautifully.

Loving the location of this set!

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Lance Conrad Shan & Myla Belle Barandog
Dumaguete City
Photo by Shutterfairy
Styling by Angelo Kangleon

Colored chalk cuteness

I've seen so many engagement photos that sometimes, some couples' photos start to look similar. Then, from out of the blue, photos like these pop out of my computer screen like bubblegum.

Surely, something this cute is illegal? :-)

With just a bit of paper flowers, a game of scrabble and colored chalk, couples can put a smile on their guests' faces. Enjoy these F-U-N photos from my current stalking of Shutterfairy. 

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Francis Enrico Rodriguez & Cindy Caroline Lim
Photo by Shutterfairy Photo 
Styling by Angelo Kangleon
Set Deco by Jenny Hortilloza
HMU by Romero Vergara