Saturday, January 20, 2007

Seeing stars (and finding wedding dresses for pregnant women)

It's been an eventful week right after I attended an old college friends' wedding last January 7. I was 9 months pregnant and I had initially picked a Caesarian schedule, January 6 but my husband wanted to make it January 12 so that our baby girl could have the same birthday as his mom who passed away when he was still a teenager.

Unfortunately, I developed a fever on the evening of January 9 and was rushed to the hospital early morning of January 11 and moved the CS schedule to January 15. It's been a blur since then, my days now filled with motherly joy while taking care of our little angel, Beniya Manna whom we fondly call "Iya".

Back to January 7. My friend Ruey, who I never thought would ever marry, got married at Santuario de San Antonio and had an afternoon reception at the Hotel Intercontinental. It was the earliest (or should I say oddest) wedding hour I have ever attended at 2pm but since SSA was airconditioned, guests didn't mind dressing up for the occasion.

I, on the other hand, initially had a difficult time looking for an appropriate wedding guest dress fit for a pregnant woman that wouldn't cost me an arm and a leg. I was, after all, giving birth in a week's time and I didn't want to splurge on a dress I wouldn't be using again for a long while -- if ever I get pregnant again.

Imagine how relieved I was to find not just one but two steals at a maternity store near my place -- Great Expectations. I used the other dress when I escorted my husband in attending an awards night and the other dress, I used for Ruey's wedding. And, with a bag, shoes and shawl I already had to match (plus my mom's gorgeous jewelry), I was all set. I just had to reconcile with the thought that I would be forever immortalized as a pregnant woman at this wedding.

I also bought my wedding gift at the last minute, deciding whether I should give a cheese set (couldn't remember if Ruey was the cheese and wine type since we had barely seen each other in the last 5 years or so except when he attended my wedding in 2004) or a set of fluffy pillows. I opted for the pillows and lovingly wrapped and beribboned two big boxes the night before the wedding. Whew. I must say that I now have more respect for all those department store people who are assigned to the giftwrapping section.

It was truly one of those weddings I enjoyed going to as it was really an occasion for friends and family to witness wedding vows of two people in love. The theme was celestial and SSA was still decorated with paper star lanterns from Christmas. Tiffany Blue and silvery white was the color of the day and you would see the theme and colors in the flowers, invites, entourage dresses, guest table (there were star-shaped paper "coasters" on the tables) and the couple backdrop set-up had cut-out star-shaped paper lanterns and snowflakes. The cake frosting was silvery white and my husband loved the personalized m&m souvenirs in tin cans. The m&m's had the words "joy," "love," "kiss," "ruey and joysie, " also drawings of a wedding cake, a bell and a heart.

I also appreciated that my friend, truly nontraditional as I am, did not include some of the frou-frou wedding traditions that most people area used to. The cake was cut right after they came in (I attended a wedding last May 2006 and they also cut the cake right after they were introduced as Mr and Mrs) and to that I say: "yes, have your cake and eat it right away." They also did not have a 1st dance nor a bouquet and garter toss which I suppose comes from the fact that most young Filipino bachelors and bachelorettes aren't excited about these days no matter how creative the "toss" has become over the years. In most weddings, people are more excited going to the chocolate fountain. I am. :-)

Congratulations Ruey and Joysie!