Friday, June 05, 2009

Wedding on Fire

Last May 21, my officemates and I went to Peninsula de Punta Fuego for a much needed (although quick) vacation. The weather was perfect, the breeze was just right, the water in the pool was soothing, the food was delicious, the firetree-lined roads were paved with red flowers and then...we had to go home. Not for anything, but because that was all the time we had. Yes, I know, time really flies when you're having fun.
On our way home, I asked one of my officemates to stop by the chapel of Our Lady of Guadalupe so I could take photos for the blog. I've never been to a wedding here but the 3-4 hour trip from Manila would be quite worth it to celebrate in a quaint and pretty place like this:

The crucifix inside the chapel

A wide shot of the chapel and pews. The chapel can comfortably sit 200 guests.

It's not air-conditioned though.

Below, basins for holy water.

Above and below, the "outdoor" portions of the chapel.
There is a trellis of sorts that partially covers the area.

A shot of the chapel and the bell tower.

The path leading to the chapel.