Saturday, October 06, 2007

Nail it!

Years ago, I never thought a nail spa would be a business that was going to be booming in this country. After all, why specialize in something that regular beauty salons were already offering? And at prices where it was usually twice the amount I've had to pay at regular salons? It just didn't make sense.

Now, I've become a regular nail spa patron. With all those nail spas mushrooming all over the metro, no one has an excuse not to have their nails cleaned and preened like dogs. Haha. In the QC area, I discovered a quaint and not too expensive nail spa called the Nail Loft. They have very accommodating nail technicians, and use clean (uh, what do you call them? nail gadgets?). Their price range is very affordable that it won't make you feel guilty to have a hand and foot spa plus manicure and pedicure and throw in some eyebrow threading and a little hair treatment. Oops. My kikay side is showing.

I recently went to their newest branch at Jose Abad Santos Street in Greenhills (perpendicular to Wilson before you hit P. Guevarra if you're coming from Ortigas Avenue). It is by far the biggest yet coziest of the branches, the staff tell me. Aside from hair and nail services, they also have two beds for simple body massages.

Knowing how wedding preps can rattle brides (and her entourage's nerves), I suggest you go and turn off your celphones and spend a girly day at a nail spa like the Nail Loft and prepare your hair, nails and skin for your big day.

The Nail Loft
140 Sct. Gandia St., Quezon City
Unit 7 Diliman Comercial Center, Commonwealth Ave. Quezon City
Unit 20-C Carmel Ave., Project 6, Quezon City
Tuesday-Sunday 10am-9pm
Closed on Mondays
Spa parties and home spa services available