Friday, October 07, 2011

Pink, Pretty, Perfect

I know I've been a delinquent blogger and the past two months have turned my world inside-out but now I'm back and hopefully I'll have a steady stream of posts from now on. :-)

Photographer Jayjay Lucas, a recent groom himself, had these charming photos on his Facebook page and I knew I just had to share them with the world. Enjoy!

I so love the combination of the flowers! Phaleonopsis orchids sitting pretty on a bed of pinks!

It's amazing how the choice of colors for the entourage bouquets complemented the gowns in varying shades of pink.

Quirky handmade boutonnieres by Vatel Manila's DIY arm, ETC.

A picture-perfect shot of the bridal entrance of the UST Chapel.

UST provided a beautiful backdrop for the portraits of the newlyweds.

Jayjay Lucas of Chestknots Studios

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MOBILE: +63 917-5394822