Thursday, January 27, 2011

Young love

This is my first big wedding in a long time.

The groom, Elton, comes from a large Chinese clan and the bride, Roxanne, has one of the most beautiful faces to grace Philippine film and television.

I couldn't believe that the entire church was almost filled to the brim. I couldn't even find an aisle seat where I could take photos of the entourage so I elbowed my way to the intersection of the church.

The female entourage carried posies in shades of pink and purple to match their lavender-silver and plum

Although I knew that there were several showbiz "royalties" present at the wedding, I really couldn't care less. I was more starstruck with the wedding "royalties" -- designer Pepsi Herrera, photographers Dino Lara and Lito Sy, and videographer Jason Magbanua doing what they do best -- show the world how beautiful this wedding was.

The wedding entourage was a mix of businessmen and showbiz personalities, including Charlene Gonzales-Muhlach, Maricel Soriano, Vicki Belo and Boy Abunda. And hubby of course! :-P

The groom marched thrice -- the first was when he was accompanied by his parents, second, to escort his daughter from a previous relationship, and third, to carry his daughter with Roxanne.

A parade of flower girls heralded the arrival of the bride.

The most awaited walk - Roxanne marches down the aisle in her Pepsi Herrera gown.

Since this was the wedding of a very young couple, the priest expressed his initial apprehension in officiating the ceremony. But after he had spoken heart to heart with the couple, he knew that this was not a marriage on a whim, but of two young hearts who vow to love each other whatever challenges life may bring.

With his booming newscaster-like voice, the priest even elicited laughter from the guests with a poem he said in Filipino:

Ang mga anak ang hiyas ng bahay (the children are the jewels of the home)
Ang lalaki ang haligi ng bahay (the man is the pillar)
Ang babae ang ilaw ng bahay (the woman is the guide/light)
Ang mga biyenan ang anay (the in-laws are the termites)

He called for everyone to help Elton and Roxanne protect their love, their marriage and their family. And he asked Elton and Roxanne to prove all the naysayers wrong.

Roxanne's vow pulled my heartstrings. It was a vow that would quash all doubt, heal all wounds, and fill all hearts with hope that true love does exist and this marriage will last because both are willing to work hard at it.

One of, if not the most soft-spoken and most kind actresses around, I felt the sincerity and gravity of her love for Elton and her utmost desire for a happy family.

The church was filled with white flowers -- calla lilies, chrysanthemums, asters, roses and orchids.

The entourage comprised of 20 principal sponsors, 8 pairs of groomsmen and bridesmaids, 3 pairs of secondary sponsors, 3 bearers (rings, arrhae, bible) and 10 flower girls. At some point, I thought the wedding march wasn't going to end. Haha! :-)

This was my parting shot of the church, the only chance I could take a photo of the aisle without the mob. :-P

The reception was held at the NBC Tent. Teddy Manuel fashioned a loft-like atmosphere at the registration area where guests could mingle on daybeds and cocktail tables.

Elton and Roxanne gave away delightful mini cakes for their guests.

The main hall must have housed a thousand guests! The tables on the side of the tents were elevated so that the guests from the far side of the tent could view the event from their seats.

The presidential and guest tables echoed the all-white flower decor at the church, now paired with lamps, candelabras, chandeliers and crystals. Everywhere you looked, different varieties of white flowers greeted the guests -- tulips, hydrangeas, mums, roses, casa blancas, amaryllis, snapdragons, phalaenopsis, baby's breath, carnations, hyacinths, statice, alstroemerias ---white flowers everywhere!

A spherical "chandelier" of faux flowers and lights was the reception's
pièce de résistance that night.

Below, the wedding cake with a slideshow of the couple's engagement photos by Red Fox photography in the background.

The flower girls having fun on the dance floor. They looked like they were having a mini cotillon. :-)

Tim Yap, one of the groom's cousins, hosted the reception.

Right after they entered the ballroom, Roxanne and Elton did their first dance as a married couple.

Just look at the army of photographers and videographers documenting the dance. Haha!

Elton and Roxanne also gave out feathered pens to their female guests.

Ah, young love!

Although some may be pessimists at heart and say young love and young marriages are doomed, the wedding enthusiast chooses to see the bright side -- how lucky for two people to find the love of their lives at such a young age, knowing that they have more years to spend together. :-)

Here are scenes from Elton and Roxanne's special day through the eyes of Dino Lara:

More wedding photos from Red Fox photography here and here.

Congratulations and best wishes, Elton and Roxanne!