Thursday, July 11, 2013

What I'm loving now: Shutterfairy Photography

Most of the photos I've featured in this blog have been from photographers based in Luzon, the most northern major island of the Philippines.

Recently, I've been smitten by engagement photos from a photographer based in Cebu, one of the islands that belong to the Visayas region.

There is something about how Shutterfairy captures the genuine smiles and the  look of love from the couples they've photographed.

Here's one of their couples, Marvin and Blessy simply having fun under the sun.

In the succeeding photos, although the couple used props, the latter served only as a backdrop and didn't take away the spotlight from the couple.

Sweetness just drips from these photos!

See more of this set here.

Marvin Tan & Blessy Abellanosa 
Photographed by Shutterfairy Photo 
Hair & Makeup by Justine Camacho 
Styling by Guada Mariel Calledo

Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Sun, shore, sea of love

I've seen so many weddings and honestly, I would never be able to name just one favorite. But this one comes close.

Benjie Tiongco captures the beauty of the details, the authenticity of the emotions, the love and joy that can not be denied in the following photos. 


Flowers by Vatel Manila

I am so loving this acrylic canopy. So chic at the beach!

More of this beautiful set can be found here. 

Benjie Tiongco