Saturday, February 19, 2011

giving thanKs by Cunanan

A few weeks ago, I was invited to a Thanksgiving dinner hosted by one of Manila's fast-rising wedding caterers, K by Cunanan.

I only heard about K by Cunanan sometime late 2005 when they catered for a press conference of one of the movies I was promoting and I remembered that they made an indelible mark on my palate.

This year, celebrating a little over 5 years in the catering business, they treated everyone to their classic and new menu offerings and proved that even with their non-traditional, never cookie-cutter style of catering for weddings, K by Cunanan is definitely a force to be reckoned with.

Here's a little something from their blog describing the kind of caterer that they are known for:

I'd like to think that we're not your traditional caterer. We help come up with inspired events--giving importance to food of course and making sure that your guests taste something new yet comforting. But we try to stretch our service by helping create an atmosphere your guests will remember, one filled with details that would reflect your personal style and taste.

Kaye Cunanan giving thanks.

The decor was, very "K by Cunanan," -- crisp, clean, minimalist. The white and glass cocktail tables were dotted with white candles and white carnations, statice flowers and dried wheat-like stalks.

All the lounge chairs, cocktail tables, sofas, chandeliers, mirrors, linen, Vera Wang dinnerware and cutlery were brought out for this special occasion.

Two bands, Blue Sub and Skarlet played throughout the celebration providing just the right groove. Sensitivity worked its magic on Blue Leaf's Banyan hall to dress everything in white and tinted the drapes with soft lights.

But enough of my babbling.

Among the photographers present that night was Mar of MyPhotato who captured much of this night's celebratory mood. Here's a sneak peek through Mar's lenses, completely raw but amazingly awesome (I kid him that it must be all the veggies he eats -- he's following a lacto-vegan diet and I keep telling him how I wish I could have the same will power to avoid meat.) But how could you avoid eating food this good? :-P

Lace Tan of K by Cunanan shared with me their menu that night which guests kept going back for more:

Classic dishes:

1) sea bass with mango salsa and coconut cream -usually red snapper or lapu lapu but of course we had to make it special for thanksgiving

2) roast beef ribs

3) honey nut prawns

4) crackling pork wraps

5) cheese station

New offerings:

1) mini burgers with foie gras

2) squid ink paella

3) truffled pecorino mac n' cheese

4) shrimp and quinoa salad

5) steak with ponzo sauce and truffle butter

6) tuna tataki

7) sushi nachos

The dessert bar:

1) white chocolate cake

2) chocolate mousse with candied hazelnuts and strawberries

3) russian tea cookies

4) grilled pineapples with ginger syrup

5) quezo de bola cheesecake

6) a croque en bouche that was a gift from Joy San Gabriel

The bar was by Kaye's brother, Mac Cunanan who owns juicebox. :)

Lace Tan saying hello to the guests.

The girls of K by Cunanan

Lace with Mar of MyPhotato

J Lucas Reyes and wife Cathy, Dylan Gozum of Vatel Manila and Mike Santos of The Mango Farm

Lace Tan, Ernest Pascual, Jaja Samaniego and Dylan Gozum.

The wedding enthusiast caught red handed taking photos. :-P

I also stumbled upon more shots of the food that was served that night by Oly Ruiz of Metro Photo. Since Oly Ruiz is known for making brides and grooms look like seasoned fashion models, just take a look at his photos of the stars of this celebration and see if you wouldn't want to lick the screen.

Drinks from the bar

Of course, not to be missed, dessert!

Photographers Mimi and Karl, Kaye Cunanan, Ernest Pascual and Oly Ruiz.

To everyone at K by Cunanan, may you have many more catering years to come! Congratulations!

K. by Cunanan Catering
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Metro Photography
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