Sunday, September 06, 2009

Back to back weddings and sweetness overload

No, I didn't do what Katherine Heigl's character did in the movie "27 dresses" where she was straddling two weddings in one day. I did however, attend two weddings last weekend -- one on Friday and one on Saturday.

My Friday fete was my distant cousin's wedding. Rikka and I have never met in person but my Tita Zeny who lives in the US introduced us "virtually" via Facebook. Since she was an "overseas bride," I was giddy everytime she asked my opinion about certain elements about her wedding. Couldn't wait to attend her wedding, obviously so I could meet her. I had planned my outfit to be 1920's inspired.

My Saturday wedding was the wedding of my hubby's good friend Jerdy and his paramour, Malaya.

Although just hours apart, I was fascinated by the uniqueness of the two weddings I attended. Nothing beats a wedding where the personalities of the bride and groom shines through. Just by looking at the wedding invitations, you already know how different the two weddings would be.

Rikka and Chris had a classic wedding invitation with touches of the gunmetal grey and powder blue motif while Jerdy and Malaya gave out not-your-usual wedding invites printed out like passports to match their avant-garde black and white motif.

That Friday, we went to Santuario de San Antonio for Rikka and Chris' wedding ceremony. I had earlier assured Rikka that choosing to sign up 92AD for her choir and 3rd Avenue for her reception band was a choice she would not regret, and true to form, both musical groups did not disappoint!

But first, the wedding march...

My wedding partner in crime, my sister strike a pre-wedding pose while waiting for the entourage march.

That's the groom, Chris doing the ceremonial last walk as a bachelor.

That's my dad standing in for one of the ninongs (male principal sponsor).

And that's my aunt who flew in from Boston as one of the principal sponsors.

The parents of the bride, Tito Ramon & Tita Helen .

And there goes the beautiful bride, Rikka, escorted by her parents to the altar.

Although small in number, 92 AD's voices filled the entire chapel and gave everyone goosebumps through their songs especially with their rendition of The Lord's Prayer.

As part of the wedding ceremony, Rikka and Chris offered flowers to Mother Mary.

The first kiss.

The newlyweds.

Anything you'd like to tell all the single ladies out there, Rikka?

While most brides change their look for the reception, I too had something up my sleeve, well, more like pinned to my hair...trying to complete my 1920's look.

After the ceremony, just as our car passed Manila Polo Club's gates, it started to rain. Really hard. My sister and I dropped of my dad and aunt at the entrance while we parked the car in the pebbles and sandy soil area. Before we went down, we grabbed a shopping bag, donned our Crocs and proceeded to the reception area. We went to the bathroom to change into our dress shoes and hid our comfy shoes under our dinner table. Hahahaha!

Below, the elegantly-decorated Manila Polo Club, a witness to thousands of wedding receptions. I liked the touch of this particular set-up where white drapes covered the entrance to the main hall while the guests enjoyed cocktails at the adjacent foyer.

Just like the wedding ceremony flowers of white roses and calla lilies, Rikka and Chris opted for all white dendrobium orchid centerpieces for the reception. The presidential table was dotted with white tulips and lavender hydrangeas. Yes, a smile was pasted on my face once I entered the reception hall. :-)

The presidential table. A setting of understated elegance.

The hosts for the night, the groom's brother Mark Halili and wife, Pia Arcangel-Halili.

The father and daughter dance. Rikka is the only girl in their family.

Below are photos of the lovely cake and the ambrosial dessert buffet by Bizu.

Between the "ooohs" and "ahhs" as I was getting my fill of sugar from the dessert buffet and while trying to stop myself from popping all the petit fours into my eager mouth, I was truly in a sweet surrender. How often anyway do I indulge in this much saccharine? Ok, don't answer that.

Above, 92AD singing songs that the oldies were singing along with.

Below, the 3rd Avenue band rocking their tunes from the 70's, 80's, 90's and the latest dance music which made everyone strut to the dancefloor. It was like a flash mob as dance instructors not only taught most of the guests how to do the swing, but led the choreography for the more popular songs sung by 3rd Avenue.

It had been a while since I danced in a party so I went home tired but a happy kind of tired that night.

Before the night ended, Rikka and Chris gave out Bizu cakes for their female principal sponsors and macarons for the male principal sponsors.

Each of the guests received delightful boxes of chocolates.

The next day, my husband and I attended the wedding of his friend Jerdy and the stunningly beautiful Malaya Lewandowski. Unlike Rikka and Chris' wedding which had a Catholic ceremony and a separate reception venue, Jerdy and Malaya's wedding was Christian -- the ceremony and reception of which took place in the same venue, Crossroad 77's convenarium.

That's Jerdy with his parents going down the aisle.

Hubby as one of the principal sponsors.

The radiant bride, Malaya obviously excited to be with her groom at the altar, accompanied by her
her mom and her sister.

The first kiss as husband and wife in front of about 300 guests. Note the widescreen behind the couple which gave us a more intimate view of the ceremony vis-a-vis the enormous venue.

Hmm...the stage, the lights, the set-up reminded me of a weekend noontime show. Haha. At one point during the picture-taking, I couldn't help but get a tissue to help Jerdy blot sweat/oil from his forehead -- wouldn't want him to look shiny in his wedding photos, now would we?

Above, the presidential table. Below, the centerpiece for the other tables. Jerdy and Malaya opted for a colorful palette -- reds, salmons, lilacs of various flowers -- roses, stargazers, mums, carnations and hydrangeas.

Above, the newlyweds as they re-enter the convenarium as husband and wife. Below, the newlyweds cut the wedding cake. I just hated that the smoke machine was making my photos foggy. Hmp.

Above, Me and hubby and with the newlyweds and below, with the gorgeous gals of Creative Futures.

Below, the dessert buffet by Hizon's and the chocolate giveaways for the guests.

Here are some more photos that Malaya posted on Facebook:

Just look at that ridiculously gorgeous bouquet! Love the peacock feathers!

Even for a sweet-toothed senorita like me, binging on two dessert buffets and chocolates was overwhelming. Or maybe it was intensified by the all the love and sweetness that I witnessed during the two weddings? Hahaha.

To Rikka and Chris, Jerdy and Malaya, may the good Lord bless your marriage for many years to come -- filling it with more sweetness each day!