Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Weddings in color

My family and I are probably a few of the people in this world who are really unconventional when it comes to weddings. My parents sired four girls and to date, three are already married. The oldest sister got married in the US in1996, in a traditional white gown with very few entourage members. I got married in 2004 wearing a red wedding gown. The sibling after me got married just last year with an off-white gown with red, yellow and orange ribbons and flowerettes.

Here she is.

Not so long ago, after seeing my older cousins get married and having so much trouble getting fittings for their big entourage, I always told everyone that I'd have my entourage in jeans to make life easier for everyone and make my wedding memorable. Of course, I didn't get married in jeans but I was the first bride in the family to wear red while my entourage wore white dresses. My husband wore a suit while the male entourage members wore barongs. We stood out as a couple and eventually made the wedding memorable.

In some wedding magazines I've read, I've seen a bride wear royal blue, or silver or even gold. I've seen designer wedding gowns with colored sashes, swarovskis, ribbons or embroidery. Locally, I've seen an entourage wearing beaded denim dresses. I even recently saw pictures of a bride from my wedding e-group wearing a blue-shaded gown and her entourage members were wearing white tops in blue jeans -- even the girls! Very brave and very unconventional indeed.

Cakes also used to be just white with ribbons matching the wedding motif. Now, cakes even set the tone for the reception -- lavish with swarovskis, playful with quirky toppers, festive with fruits, flirty with flowers.

This is just proof that weddings need not be all white afterall.