Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Inside InStyle Weddings

The other night, I made a new wedding-related purchase -- because my conscience kept reminding me I hadn't made one in quite a while. I went to the newest Powerbooks branch in Trinoma and took a peek in the In Style wedding book and the next thing I knew, I was handing over my credit card to the cashier.

The book not only has beautiful, drool-worthy wedding photos of celebrities but also tips in helping brides-to-be coordinate their own weddings. Inside, you'll be able to pick a few ideas how you'd like your dress to look like, the kind of ceremony/reception venues suitable for the kind of ceremony you'd want to have, cakes and different kinds of flavors/icings you'd probably want to consider, and other tips on other wedding essentials.

A classic find indeed. I normally look at wedding books whenever I go to the bookstore and just pick up inspiration but these are the rare books that I purchase when a lot of what's inside aren't really just trendy stuff but information for brides beyond my generation.

Am starting to love Trinoma. It almost feels like Makati has come to QC! Yippee!

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Trash the dress Philippine version

In one of my e-groups, one of the members asked for volunteers for a Trash the Dress Phililippines photo shoot. "Trashing the Dress" apparently refers to a new photography trend in the U.S. wherein brides who are edgy and adventurous allow photographers to take shots of them in their wedding dress in the most untraditional way. According to (as I read in Ems Chua's blog, the whole idea of "Trashing the dress" is that it is Usually done after the wedding with the original gown or a cheapie ‘fake’ wedding gown. It’s a great stress release/climax to months, if not years of planning the wedding and entering a lifelong commitment. Jump in a fountain with your dress- you will never need to wear a wedding dress again! You are past a HUGE mile marker in your life.

I of course got excited and volunteered right away. Who else but a bride who wore red on her wedding day would quickly agree to something like this?

And so, after volunteering, I was contacted by Ems Chua, wedding photographer for Van Goth Photography/Imagineation's second team and I found myself being made up and styled for a Trash the Dress photo shoot six days shy of my 3rd wedding anniversary. I was thankful that even if I only gave birth 6 1/2 months ago, my dress fit me perfectly. I wasn't even rattled when Ems told me that we would be shooting at the Chinese cemetery. It was a shoot that was meant to be.

Check out Ems pics:
Wasn't I a confidently petite model? :-P

See Ems' other Trash the Dress shots at

Kenneth Uy, another wedding photographer was also with us. Check out his shots:

Bet you guys never thought the cemetery could be an awesome post-nup photo location.

My make-up was done by Jesy Alto from I had so much fun having her paint my face. She's so bubbly, you wouldn't mind staying in the make-up chair for hours.

I do hope that more brides become more adventurous with their wedding pics (of course I can't expect a lot to be as adventurous as I am) so that it inspires photographers to always try something new for every bride, every couple, every wedding and not have the same poses, same locations because every couple is unique. :-)