Monday, February 02, 2015

A Sea-lebration of Love!

I forgot where I first heard or read about what heaven is like.

They say when you enter heaven, it is nothing like our existence on earth. There is no such thing as race, religion, age, or gender.

There is only love.

A few days ago, at a remote beach in Batangas, I got a glimpse of that heaven.

From the main highway, there was a four kilometer dirt road leading to the beach entrance. The cove, which is on the east side of Laiya was so secluded, there was no cellphone or wifi signal.

There are two resorts, Parasol -- which had makeshift rooms made from container vans but had their own bathrooms, and Kota Keluarga which were air-conditioned cabanas with common bathrooms.

Below was the common pool for the two resorts.

The beach was clean but had small corals which made walking on the shore a bit difficult.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner were served at the Kota Keluarga dining area.

Because we arrived a day early, I got the chance to take photos of the flowers and tables being set-up by Blue Barn. :-)

A typewriter for guests to write their wishes for the couple.

The ceremony was situated at the far end of the beach.

Below, maestro Gerard Salonga leading the mini orchestra and The Company.

There was no formal "wedding" ceremony -- Aiza and Liza were already married in the US a month ago. The couple's friend, a motivational speaker, shared anecdotes about Aiza and Liza's relationship, their personal quirks and how they could use their differences to strengthen their bond.

The couple saying their vows.

And as the day ended, the party was just beginning.

A smores bar.

Martin Nievera serenaded the new family...

..and me. He's looking straight at me, right? :-p

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