Thursday, March 10, 2011

Runaway Brides and a Videofest

Jason Magbanua, wedding videographer extraordinaire is on the run.

In a video, that is.

A few days ago, I was supposed to be in a Mayad Studios video that would be part of a Jason Magbanua tribute a.k.a Videofest.

In charge of casting the 30 or so brides who were to chase Jason were the ladies of Lifestyle by Feliz. Every participant was encouraged to bring her wedding gown. Of course, I wanted to join the bride run! But the problem was that I wore a red wedding gown and with my petite-ness, I might stick out like a red flower girl amidst the sea of white brides.

Lia of Lifestyle by Feliz still egged me on for the fun of it, saying that I might find a suitable white gown among the gowns they will borrow from designers for the shoot that day.

But alas, my body type rejected the available gowns, or you could say the gowns rejected me :-(

So there I was, happily taking photos of "brides" trying to catch the most popular yet ever elusive wedding videographer in the country.

"Brides" getting ready for the chase.

Jason Magbanua mingling with the brides.

Jenifel of Bridal Book also joined the fun run.

Brides getting ready to "ambush" Jason.

Pigeons at the Piazza in McKinley Hill bearing witness to the chase.

Mayad Studios and Lifestyle by Feliz join forces behind the scenes.

And off, Jason goes!

Additional running at the fountain area.

So what was all this running for, you may ask.

Last March 15, WeddingsatWork organized a Bio Videofest that chronicles the humble yet passionate beginnings of a man who dared to break the monotony of wedding videos in the country. His vision, professionalism, dedication in improving his craft and of course, the proof of his work (his estatic brides and grooms) have all contributed in catapulting local videographers from mere "camera men" into respected personas in the wedding industry.

Because of Jason's bravery in pioneering nonconventional same-day edits (SDEs), he has opened doors for both photographers and videographers in the international wedding scene.

In celebration of Jason's 10 years in the industry, five outstanding wedding film makers paid tribute to Jason by painstakingly conducting interviews and gathering testimonials from past clients, co-workers and contemporaries.

Two screenings were held at Rockwell Cinema 4 to accomodate the number of people who wanted to "get to know" Jason Magbanua more -- other than the acclaimed celebrity and most in-demand videographer that he is known for. Both screenings were well attended by the general public and other wedding vendors -- designers, photographers, event stylists, florists, make-up artists, coordinators, etc --- it almost felt like I was in a wedding fair. :-P

The Wedding Enthusiast was there to witness how this simple but passionate being was revered and loved.

"My shooting style is highly unobtrusive and candid. I don’t get in the way. I don’t direct events but rather, wait for them to unfold. A wedding day has enough drama, humor and romance by itself. I wouldn’t want to tamper your experience of it by asking you to "act out" something which never really happened in the first place." -- Jason Magbanua

Jason Magbanua
317 Gil Puyat Ave. Makati City
Landline: +632.8171989
Cellphone: +63928.4704145

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