Monday, November 29, 2010

Wedding crybabies

The reason why I love weddings is obvious -- there is so much love and joy going around.

But we all know that sometimes, weddings also bring tears (of joy mostly). And these are photos that pull the heartstrings.

It goes without saying that a regular wedding photographer should be able to take shots of still life -- your immobile gown, your rings, your shoes which won't protest as they hang on for dear life on chandeliers and teeter on window sills, your bouquet shot in every angle imaginable hoping that they'd make it to your reception after all that manhandling.

But a good wedding photographer not only takes shots of items --- he or she must be able to capture moments.

Your photographer can't spend the entire day trying to get the right light to make the wedding rings glow. He or she was hired to document the event, so he/she must be able to piece together a wedding story for everyone to feel what it was like to attend the wedding, long after the gifts have been opened.

A good photographer knows that not every bride or groom is comfortable posing or getting directions to act a certain (usually cheesy) way . Instead of yelling "show me sweet, give me a sweet shot!" or "come on, people, give me a wacky shot!," the photographer should be able to capture endearing or funny moments without having to orchestrate it. More often than not, staged shots look just that -- staged, unforgivably fake.

It goes without saying that a wedding photographer's job is not just to shoot the obvious, but elements that other guests and relatives won't be able to catch with their digital cameras and cellphones.

Here are some shots I borrowed from Joannie of Daniel Lei Studio featuring one of the most spontaneously touching wedding moments that could be missed, if you're photographer wasn't paying attention.

Look at the altar boy watching the bride's reaction to her groom.

A brushed tear.

A little sniffle here.

Some sniveling there.

Stifling a sob here.

A full burst there.

A couple that cries together...

...stays together.

Why does the usher have to ruin his moment? :-)

Last but not the least, a flower girl having a bawl. :-)

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