Wednesday, November 03, 2010

So Shoot Me

Remember those weddings wherein there was an "unofficial photographer" who would ask the guests to pose and smile for their camera at the church and the guests would find their photos displayed on a table at the reception only to find out that each photo was for sale?

Didn't know that those photographers still existed. Here's our "unofficial photo" from a wedding we recently attended in Paco Park:

Most of the time, the photos were so bad that the guests would be forced to cough up their hard-earned money to purchase the almost loathsome photos just so they could burn them. :-)

Then came the age of disposable film cameras where the guests could take photos of themselves or the wedding festivities and leave the cameras for the couple to print. It was a great idea that would allow the couple to see the wedding from their guests' point of view.

The bad thing about this fun activity is that the guests sometimes forget to use the cameras, take them home (on purpose or by accident) or the caterer/hotel misplaces the camera.

So, it isn't surprising that the "unofficial photographer" has been replaced by the now-almost-ubiquitous photo booth where guests can have their pictures taken to their hearts' content -- or until the photo booth runs out of photo paper. The supplier can even provide a CD of all the photos and post them on their website for all to see.

Photo booth providers are prevalent now with packages ranging from 6,000-15,000 pesos depending on the number of hours you'll be using the booth, and other amenities you would like to avail of.

Guests lining up for the photo booth.

And voila! Instant photo for keeps.

In the wedding we attended last October 30, hubby and I gamely posed at the photo booth at the reception so that we could go home with a better souvenir photo than the one we bought from the unofficial photographer. :-)

Props you can use for your photo - hats, masks, wigs and other items that can make your photo even more fun!

Ah, the photo booth. Another invention that make weddings fun, fun, fun!

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