Thursday, November 11, 2010

The indispensible Filipino Wedding tool

The Weddings at Work Wedding Primer, what else?

More than six years ago, when I was planning my wedding, I found the most helpful site for Filipino weddings, I did my own research of potential wedding vendors from its extensive supplier directory, and joined the community of women (and a few men) who were, like me, planning their wedding.

Being in that community was a welcome breather from the "real world" to the "bridal world" as it provided me with a venue to rant and rave about my wedding preparations.

Aside from a website and a blog that informs soon-to-weds about wedding trends, weddings@work also regularly publishes an updated bridal directory and a "wedding primer" that provides helpful tips of (almost) everything you need to know in planning a Filipino wedding.

If you are newly engaged and planning to have your wedding in the Philippines, the wedding primer is the first thing you need to arm yourself with aside from piles of wedding magazines.

From a reality check to legal matters, to driving tips that will help you avoid late entourage members or lost guests... Filipino wedding superstitions that you'd want to avoid (or follow)...

...and other Filipino wedding trivia you'd like to know especially if you're marrying a Filipino/Filipina.

This year's wedding primer also includes guidelines for your invitations, beauty regimen, choosing your wedding suppliers, reception concerns, even tips for your honeymoon! (except in making the honeymoon baby) :-P

The W@W Wedding Primer. Every Pinoy Soon-to-Wed's Guide to the Big Day and Beyond.

Available in leading bookstores and bridal fairs.

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