Monday, November 22, 2010

First time Flower Girl

It's any mother's proud moment -- my daughter was asked to become a Flower Girl for the first time!

So off we went to have her measurements done at Zandra Lim's atelier, with stage mom me documenting the whole thing.

The shop's facade

The fitting room

Sample gowns on display


This was during the first fitting. I was not able to see the color swatches when she was measured so when I saw the dress, I immediately set out to find the perfect matching shoes!

When the final dress was picked up, we couldn't close the zipper. The dress got "fat" with all the additional petticoats! :-) So we had it brought back to the shop where Zandra herself supervised the adjustments.

Waiting for her adjusted dress.

After a few minutes, we have a happy princess!

Below, shoes that we first bought for Iya. Almost perfect with lace and pearls but they were a little big for her so I decided to buy a back-up pair which she wore to the wedding.

I also bought a headband for her at Forever 21 that had a soft lace and cotton flower and decided to add a satin one which I bought from Carolina's for only 25 pesos (less than 60 cents!)

And now for the real thing. Here's Iya with his kuya. Sniff. They make momma proud.

Here she is with the headband.

Here she is with the teddy bear and flower garland that the florist provided. She was uncomfortable with the garland (repeatedly trying to take it off every time I put it on her) so she decided to scrap it during the entourage march.

Admiring herself at the reception venue. This was an "Awww..." moment.

Thanks Dhinno and Ena for making Iya a part of your wedding!

More on the wedding here. :-)

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