Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Love is in the stars

There are weddings and there are *gush* weddings. This one definitely belongs to the gush-worthy category.

Let's start with a bouquet I'd fawn over...

... bling I'd babble about...

... and a dress that would cause my heart to hiccup. :-)

I love it how My Photato was able to evoke the feelings so familar with weddings:




And how they didn't allow the lovely details of the day to escape their lenses:

Could anything else be cuter than honeystars?

More starry details...

Table assignments were named after constellations.

Most romantics promise to take out all the stars from the sky and put them in a jar for their beloved, do they not? So here they are --- stars in a jar.

Even the bridal bouquet had a Million Stars -- another name for baby's breath or gypsophila.

And if you look at the first photo in this post, the bouquet handle had star-shaped charms.

Star-shaped lanterns and star cut-outs on the cake.

Reception set-up by Bizu

The photos above are but a few examples of the photography style that My Photato is known for (as written in their website):

Our Style: Authentic, dainty and fresh. Shooting in candid is what we really love, having fun and capturing it real. We make sure that every piece we made is a fine art - simple, elegant, but timeless.

More photos from this set are found here.

My Photato

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acperreras said...

Hello wedding enthusiast! I'm so honored that you featured our wedding in your blog! :) And i love how you took the time to describe every detail especially about the stars! i never realized that million stars were on my bouquet too! hehe.

just a minor glitch though, our caterer and reception decor were made by Bizu :)

Thank you once again for the feature! Ill share this on my FB page ha? :)

April Perreras

Meleen Carlos said...

Hi April,

Congratulations and best wishes!

My apologies for the mistake, I must've been intoxicated by your beautiful photos that I typed another caterer's name instead of Bizu. *sheepish grin*

Feel free to share!