Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Brilliant, bespoke Boutonnieres

Let's face it. At a wedding, all eyes are on the bride. The gown, the flowers, the make-up, everything is all about her.

The groom becomes "secondary" so everything about him is usually just ho-hum.

But enter {etc} Handmade Goodness, the D-I-Y branch of florist Vatel Manila, and you have people talking about "what the groom is wearing".

Below are some of custom-made works of art from {etc}, specifically crafted for the bride and groom.

A delicately crafted flower for the male entourage made of old world maps.

Above and below, Warcraft characters

Below, could be for a travel- or camera-themed wedding.

Something bright and sunny to balance the greys. :-)

And for coffee-afficionados, a Starbucks-themed one.

Something rustic, perhaps?

Playing with paper folds

Knotty nautical-themed

I suspect that detail-obsessed hands created this jaw-dropping lily of the valley doppleganger.

This trio is Grecian-inspired.

Different samples of fabric flowers

Increasing the level of difficulty by doing crocheted blooms.

Buttons for the boutonnaire! :-p



Lace on the groom classic roses -- a match made in heaven!

You may ask, does {etc} only create boutonnieres? And to that they will quickly answer a friendly "Of course not." (with a smile)

Overflowing with ideas, {etc} can create perfect details to complete your wedding look.

Here's a little introduction straight from Vatel Manila's website:

{etc} Handmade Goodness is Vatel Manila's DIY arm. Formed with talented former brides as members, the team specializes in customized hand-made items like the following:

  • Boutonnières for the male members of the entourage (fabric / paper)

  • Ring & Coin Pillow & Bible Bands (moss / jute / felt)

  • Hand-tied Bouquets (paper / fabric / felt)

  • Découpage Letters

  • Other items as required by clients (if we can't do it, we can outsource it!)

When Vatel Manila opened {etc} Handmade Goodness in early 2011, the aim was to provide Manila the US wedding experience of having things customized for each and every celebration. How pretty is that?

Customized items make weddings all the more special. It also speaks volumes, not just of your good taste, but of your keen attention to the details of your wedding. Let us know how we could be of help!

Email us your ideas and pegs at vatelmanila@gmail.com.

Headbands for the bridesmaids

Bridal garter

Ring and arrhae pillows, bible band

You can also view their first fabric bouquet here and their first paper bouquet here.

* All photos printed with permission from Vatel Manila.

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