Saturday, August 27, 2011

An arcade of trinkets

We all have our secret places we go to when we feel stumped, down in the dumps or just itching to buy something we need or in my case, don't need. A place where a small, even inexpensive item can induce a smile from the very depths of our soul.

One such place for me is the Dapitan Arcade in Quezon City, a knickknack haven more accessible and less congested than the infamous market-mecca, Divisoria.

Just about 500 square meters of selling space, various items are cramped in more than fifty stalls, some even spilling out into the street during Christmas time.

For inexpensive but nice giveaways or props you can use for display to match your wedding theme, Dapitan Arcade is worth the trip.

Candles and papier-mache items.

Sea shells for a beach theme.

Holders for cupcakes or votive candles.

Lamps made of stained bottles, bamboo sticks, chimes and other native items.

Lamps made of capiz shells, resin, stained glass, or wood in different shapes and sizes.

Lots of plates, cups, saucers, pitchers, cake stands, bowls, jars and other ceramic items.


I am so getting an entire set of white tableware when I go back. :-)

Decor that keeps changing depending on the season...

And because I was with my sister who acted as my conscience and kept asking me "do you really need it?" -- I only bought one of those "food screens" to keep insects at bay. Must go back here again soon.


Dapitan Arcade
Dapitan corner Kanlaon Streets, Quezon City

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