Monday, April 25, 2011

Wedding Vendor Meets

The inevitable has happened.

I've become a wedding vendor groupie. :-P

For some strange reason, I've been hurled into the world of some of the country's youngest, brightest and most sought after wedding suppliers/vendors. And I'm so not complaining. It's an opportunity to see weddings through their eyes, eavesdrop on wedding preparations of total strangers and sometimes even share my guesses about what goes through the mind of couples preparing for their wedding.

Here I am in one of their regular meets, enjoying food, great company and stories about the weddings they've just done, will be doing and would like to do.

In the company of a caterer, a florist and talented photographers. Great company.

Knick-knacks from Nomnomnom restaurant in Quezon City. Truly happy food.

Contrary to popular belief, wedding vendors don't just talk about weddings. It was so funny to discuss couples who communicate through unreadable text, how different animals are prepared for slaughter, and how age gaps can determine the popularity of showbiz icons (dead or living). After all, wedding vendors are people too. :-)

That night, the vendors indulged me with my questions on wedding photography etiquette (especially among couples who have two or more photographers), the toughest weddings they've handled, and the nicest or most demanding clients.

I could only sigh. It's tough to be a wedding vendor. But their passion makes it all worthwhile.

All photos above by MyPhotato.
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