Monday, January 24, 2011

Well-suited for the occasion

I'm a planner. Hubby is, for the most part, a procrastinator.

Hubby had known for a long time that he was going to be a principal sponsor at a wedding we were attending in January 2011 and he had received the cloth the couple wanted him to use for his suit as early as November 2010. He was unusually busy late last year, but it was only a little over a week before the wedding when he finally asked friends to recommend someone who could be trusted to do his suit in a week's time, quick but polished.

That's when he decided to call up Francis Libiran.

I knew of Francis when he was still with his other business partner, Miguel, when they put up their shop, Njork, sometime in the early 2000s. I even considered having hubby's suit made at Njork for our wedding in 2004, if a close friend had not recommended a good tailor.

But lo and behold, hubby still ended up having a suit made by Francis, seven years later.

I wasn't there for the measurements, when Francis designed the suit and when hubby picked up the finished suit as I was out for an event. I did however, free up my schedule for the fitting so I could peek into Francis' atelier, hoping to meet Francis himself, who is currently one of the most sought-after designers by celebrities and non-celebrities alike.

Unfortunately, I was not able to meet Francis. Darn.

But I was happy just being at his shop, and happy that hubby looked dashing during the wedding.

The window display at Francis Libiran's atelier

It was a gown I could see myself in, if you cut it a teeny, tiny bit so I wouldn't trip over, that is.
There's hubby waiting for his fitting.

I liked the vibe of the waiting area, modern and comfortable, not kitschy and not too imposing.

Some of the jewelry and other accessories in a glass cabinet and at the counter display which can help the ladies in seeing the overall look of their dresses/gowns together with bling.

Finally, after just a few minutes of waiting, hubby was called in for his fitting.

A battalion of assistants helped hubby fit his shirt, pants and coat and noted all the minor adjustments that had to be made. It was the end of the working day and they were still a cheerful and helpful bunch that made me think it must be fun to work here.

Francis designed a high collar shirt and a coat highlighted with silky edges on the collar, lapel and pockets.

And now, for the real thing:

There he goes down the catwalk, I mean, the aisle, with his "inay" and partner principal sponsor, Maricel Soriano.

And with the lovely bride, Roxanne Guinoo-Yap.

You can view more of this wedding from the same day edit by master wedding storyteller, Jason Magbanua:

Francis Libiran
126 Sct. Fernandez street, Tomas Morato Q.C.
925.5495; 416.9098
Strictly by appointment

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