Friday, January 07, 2011

Something blue and a wedding gown times two!

I stalk weddings blogs, that's my addiction. :-)

While on my stalking spree, I chanced upon the site of one of the very few female wedding photographers in the Metro, Jaja Samaniego.

After seeing much of Jaja's pre-nuptial and wedding photos, I immediately knew that this was no ordinary budding photographer. Her camera lenses seem to have a magnet for all things lovely.

Here's one of the weddings she's covered with a bride who probably not only had something old, something new and something borrowed, she got married in something really blue!

Isn't her gown just dreamy? *swoons*

Here's another "blue" wedding by Jaja for all of you.

Can't decide on your wedding gown? Why not have two? :-)

Two of the weddings she's photographed that will surely be tagged as "utterly overflowing with gorgeousness" in my book can be found here and here.

Know more about this gifted lady with an eye for all things beautiful from Vatel Manila's exclusive tete-a-tete here.

Meanwhile, I'll be keeping my eye on more of Jaja's work this year. :-)

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