Sunday, May 16, 2010

Something old

I always knew that I'd get married in an old church.

There's just something about ancient places and objects that fascinate me, and to this day, I still can't put a finger on it. An interest in history, perhaps? Attraction to unfamiliar objects imbibing secrets? Texture? More character? I really don't know.

With churches, maybe it's the ornate door carvings or wrought iron creeping with verdigris. Or the paint peeling from ceilings and wooden planks that have withstood wars, typhoons or earthquakes.

Sometimes, I wonder what old churches have quietly witnessed -- pompous wedding ceremonies, poignant funeral rites, answered prayers and scandalous confessions. How many times have the bells tolled? How many songs have been sung? How many heads have bowed before the altar, waiting to be blessed?

...Ooops, I'm sorry. Was I swooning mindlessly again? :-)

I guess a lot of couples choose to get married in older churches because obviously, older churches have more history and look more grandiose in wedding photos. I can only speculate that the architects and designers from our past were more meticulous in erecting the house of God during their time.

In Metro Manila, wedding favorites include the Manila Cathedral, San Agustin church, Paco Park (St. Pancratius) Chapel, San Sebastian, and the Nuestra Senora de Gracia Parish.

Here are photos of some of the oldest churches in the Philippines, found south of Manila. I've been to some of them when I was still in high school and college but I wasn't able to take photos then. I'm still crossing my fingers that one day, I'd be able to do a road trip through the towns surrounding one of the most popular lakes in the country, Laguna.

I do hope you like the photos, and maybe as tradition dictates, you can ask for three wishes for every church you visit for the first time.


This is one of the highland towns forming the southern part of Laguna. Liliw is famous for its slipper and shoe markets and cold spring resorts.


Aside from the church, another must-see in this sleepy town is the centuries-old Underground Cemetery.


This town is best known for its delicate wood carvings and papier mache sculptures.

I was inspired to do this post after I saw the above images photographed by my Facebook friend, Peewee Ligot. Peewee is the hubby of my highschool classmate, Mayen. Thanks Peewee!

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