Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Couples and Coupons

Below are two of my latest wedding-related purchases. The one of the left, I bought when I was in Los Angeles in January. The one on the right, a few weeks ago in National Bookstore.

The "flower cakes" used in the cover are identical, except for the cake stand. I don't know if it is because Martha Stewart Weddings (MSW) now requires Martha Stewart Weddings Philippines (MSWP) to utilize its existing photos for the local version but do you know what makes the magazine on the right much better? :-)

Discount coupons!!!

Some suppliers include:





Although most couples would appreciate discounts, just be sure what they offer is really something you want or need for your wedding because although a particular product or service gives you a discount, you might end up overshooting your budget because you added something that wasn't part of your original list of wedding vendors.

But then again, a discount is a discount is a discount!

Get your copy of the latest Martha Stewart Weddings Philippines edition and find out if the coupons are just what you need!

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