Thursday, November 26, 2009

What to wear to a wedding?

If you were a guest, that is.

Weddings are usually formal affairs so it is best to have either a barong tagalog or a suit ready (if you're male) or a floor-length gown (if you're female).

But sometimes, the couple ask their guests to wear something specific to their wedding depending on the mood and tone of their ceremony and/or reception. So if you're unsure of what to wear, take the cue from the invitation:

1. Formal/black tie - this means suits (dark) for men and gowns for the ladies. Keep the chucks and flipflops at home, deck the neck with jewels and play with make-up. :-) Uh, the last two were meant for the ladies.

2. Semi-formal - there may be no need for ties, but a collared shirt and a blazer or jacket is still required for the men. Ladies need not have elaborate gowns. A pretty cocktail dress and heels will do.

3. Chic - depending on the location, this could either be urban chic, garden chic or even beach chic. Just means that the couple wants you to dress comfortably but still a bit dressy. Jeans are still a no-no. Instead of heavy velvets and shimmering silk or satin and lots of beads, the fabric of choice could be chiffon, jersey or even cotton. As for footwear, you can also take a hint from the location of the ceremony or reception -- wear comfortable, non-heeled shoes for a beach or garden wedding, unless you want your heels sinking in soil or sand.

4. Casual -yes, there are couples who don't care a thing for how you'll dress to their wedding as long as you look decent. I've stumbled upon a wedding where even the entourage wore white tops with jeans and flipflops but as a guest, it wouldn't hurt to arrive still with a bit of party flare -- a wedding is still a cause to celebrate. :-)

So there, I hope these few tips enlighten you all on what to wear to a wedding. It won't hurt to look your best as guest so that someday, when you stumble upon the married couple's wedding album, you'll never have to ask yourself, "what on earth was I wearing?!?"


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