Saturday, November 14, 2009

A chic little spa in Quezon City

Since I live and work in Quezon City, my eyes are always mercurial in spotting new places to go to in the quaint and cozy community of QC. Whether it's a mall, a new restaurant, a salon, anything!

Down Don Antonio/Holy Spirit Drive in Commonwealth is a gem of a day spa called Chic Nails. I've only visited this place once for a quicky foot spa and pedicure and I plan to go back when I have more time on my hands.

You could say I was lucky when I visited because there was no one else but me (it was a weeknight, at around 830 pm) so I relished the relaxing muted hues of my surroundings with nothing but the gurgling fountain and the scent of peppermint for company.

Because I already knew what I needed that day, I made known my request right away to the receptionist and before I knew it, an attendant had a pretty pail full of water at my feet. While my toes were scrubbed, soothed and stained with a shade of pink called "Catch the Bouquet" -- yes, I was having my toenails painted for a wedding I was attending that week-- I was all the more spoiled with a glass of iced tea. Can I live here, please? :-)

Below, the calming colors of chic nails' salon.

Chic nails has a wide array of beauty and products that you can enjoy at home.

So what was the verdict after my Chic Nails visit? Well, you could say that my feet were so ecstatic that they danced the whole night at the wedding.

Will definitely post more once I try their scrub and massage services. Each day I see their salon facade, I temporarily get transported into a dreamy state :-)

Chic Nails
Hand, Foot & Body Spa
Unit 60 A & B Don Antonio Heights, QC
Tel. No.: 393-6503, 0928-5544305

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