Monday, March 30, 2009

An encounter with Martha Stewart

A Martha Stewart bridal fair, that is.

It was the first ever Martha Stewart bridal fair in Manila so this was something I really didn't want to miss.

So off I went to the World Trade Center Tent Pavillion -- yes, to my surprise, there was such a location right beside the World Trade Center Exhibit building. The tent, if used as a wedding venue could probably fit a thousand guests.

Above, the registration area with white roses and white-painted wooden birdcages set the mood for the fair inside the tent.

Below, a detailed shot of the roses and ribbons on the wrought iron tables and chairs on display at the foyer.

Below, a larger-than-life print of the 2nd issue of the Martha Stewart Philippines magazine from Summit Media. Guests could purchase a copy and they would be entitled to free entrance to the fair.
Pre-registered online guests can also enter for free.

Anticipating that this particular bridal fair would be the Queen of all bridal fairs, inspired by Martha Stewart, the wedding guru herself, I would have to say I left the fair a bit wanting.


Let me first praise the organizers by saying that it did have elements of what a Martha Stewart wedding fair would be as I imagined -- dainty tones of simple white and tiffany blue here and there, no pompous and crass decors, aisles that were not suffocating and a roster of exhibitors whom you would not normally come across in other bridal fairs -- Rajo Laurel, Margarita Fores, Aranaz, among others.

However, the number of exhibitors were really too few. The choices were too limited for a bride looking for more possibilities in realizing her vision of a perfect wedding (unless her vision was just that of the expected--- designer gown, hotel reception, popular cake maker and photographer, ordinary souvenirs).

There were less than 10 exhibitors per "wedding category" and not even all the categories were covered. Some of the exhibitors were also the in-house wedding vendors of the hotels already present at the fair which didn't really leave much vendors to choose from. I would even say that the wedding directory of the Martha Stewart Philippines magazine would be a better resource for the list of potential wedding vendors if you truly want to make a very informed (and later on a heartfelt) decision once you've narrowed down your wedding vendors not by default (or their lack of presence in a bridal fair), but because you truly went out of your way to seek them out and meet with them personally. After all, that's what bridal fairs are all about.

A dainty centerpiece of white flowerettes and ribbons by Pido.

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