Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Arrive in style!

For most grooms-to-be, the highlight of being in a bridal fair is seeing the bridal cars (or maybe it comes in second to the food-tasting). Haha.

Brides-to-be might be so engrossed in the cakes, flowers, jewelry, gowns and delightful souvenirs, but boys will be boys and most would rather spend time looking at the bridal cars after an overload of "girly" things at the fair.

Being the not-so-particular-about-the-car bride that I was, I simply wanted an elegant car whose engine and airconditioning wouldn't conk out on me on my way to the church and reception. The car didn't even have to be white since my wedding gown was red. I even asked my florist to omit the bridal car wedding flowers and I asked for something in exchange but my cousin who helped me find a car for my special day insisted that there should be flowers on the car -- so off he went to get flowers for the hood. Sweet, no?

Above is a charming vintage car that would be perfect for the turn-of-the-century kind of wedding, or if you want to have a gangster-kind of feel for your wedding. It goes without saying that you should only use this during the colder months (when it's not raining), unless you're comfortable having your make-up melt and your perfectly coiffed hair windblown along with your veil. Not.

If you're the Lara Croft type, this stretch Hummer may be your type. But seriously, I'd rather have the groom and his posse ride this to the church. The grooms deserve to ride in style as much as the brides, don't they?

Must be my love for vintage that made me look at this Cadillac the longest. Won't it just be perfect while mom and dad take you to church? Sigh.

If you're a Herbie fan, this might be the perfect car for you. If you know members of the Volkswagen Club of the Philippines, maybe you can have a cute convoy of bugs on your way to the wedding!

And for the traditionally elegant bride with a playful streak, this white Chrysler could be the perfect mode of transport -- with a Mickey and Minnie bride and groom on the hood (or a Hello Kitty or a Snoopy or whatever favorite stuffed toy you may have). :-)
Whatever your car choice will be, make sure you won't be late for the ceremony!

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