Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Wedding love

I love weddings.

Real weddings. Weddings borne out of real love. Not those that are meant to solidify business relations of two families like common corporate mergers. To each his own but nothing beats a commitment ceremony and celebration ng dahil sa pag-ibig ( because of love). Those are weddings that make you giddy, sniffle and gush -- not necessarily in that order.

I have nothing against lavish weddings. If only for the couple's (or their parents') resources, the pomp and multimillion glamour that go into it, I love looking at the details. The flowers, the cake, music, the little delights that make a wedding celebration special -- smiles, father-of-the-bride tears, flickering candles. Sigh. Am really a romantic.

I love looking at wedding ceremony and reception pictures -- the set-up, how flowers are tastefully arranged, successfully executed themes (the ones that don't go overboard), how good photographers can play with light and textures to show wedding details, blushing brides and nervous grooms just before they take the matrimonial plunge. I appreciate photographers who take time to identify the venues they've covered in their websites and blogs. They enable me to gatecrash other couple's weddings.I applaud couples who go out of their way to personalize their weddings -- it just makes everything more special. It almost sort of gives you an idea how hands-on they will be in their married life, hopefully.

I like weddings so much that I've amassed a collection of wedding magazines and books. Whenever my mood dips, one look and I'm back to normal. It's my substitute for chocolate or a really good dessert. Going through wedding-related blogs and other sites really make my day.

But even if I like weddings, a coordinator I would rather not be. If I attend a wedding, I'd like to savor every minute of it -- not scurry up and about like I do in my day job. I want to appreciate the sights, scents, tastes, the sound of anticipated joy. A creative consultant, puede pa. Of course, I do not claim to be an expert on wedding things -- I'm contented in being just a spectator. Oh well, everyone's a critic.


monica gebell said...

Hi Meleen,

I was really touched when looking at your wedding blogs--you ought to be a professional wedding planner!

My husband and I got married in August, and it was an orthodox, Jewish ceremony: I thought since you were interested in pictures, you'd want to see what that would look like. If you're interested, check out:

Enjoy! And--congratulations!!


Meleen Carlos said...

Thanks, Monica! I looked at your wedding photos and you definitely looked radiant and happy on that special day! Congratulations! More than the usual westernized weddings here in the Philippines, I really hope to cover other kinds of weddings in the Philippines -- really traditional ones in our different regions. Thanks for visiting! If you have any friends or relatives who'd like to share their photos, let me know. I just love looking at wedding photos! :-)