Friday, November 24, 2006

Then again

Couldn't find wedding pics from my maternal grandparents' wedding. Some of my relatives said that they eloped -- it was during the war period and my mom became their firstborn in 1944. Then, my lola Amang and lola Daluz got married finally in church sometime in 1950 in Sta. Mesa. I still have to look for pics for the proof because I only have the scanned wedding contract and certificate.

I swear, weddings needed only a few witnesses and that was it. You were bound for life.

Nowadays, you need to go through so many people and documents to get married -- this is on top of the nice-to-haves that couples insist on having for their wedding day -- bubbles, fog machines, fireworks, etc. Couples nowadays need to compile their birth and baptismal certificates, some churches even require a CENOMAR (certificate of no marriage), pre-marriage seminars, dispensation (for mixed religion marriages), marriage license, some even opting for pre-nuptial agreements.

Traditionally in the Philippines, similar to other Asian countries, the groom's family pays for the wedding celebration. Modern brides opt to pay for their own wedding (split with her groom of course) to ensure that her wishes, wants and whines are granted (instead of the Mother-in-law's). :-)

I sometimes wonder how it is with our tribal countrymen -- is it easier? is there less hassle in getting married by a brook or on top of a mountain? does slaying a chicken mean a better marriage? Can't wait to witness different traditions in our different regions -- I hope I get invited to all types. hehe. I want to see the different wedding garments (chicken feathers perhaps?), ethnic wedding music, taste food apart from the usual breaded fish and steaks and fondant wedding cakes.

Hmmm. Will do some research on this and post them soon.

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