Tuesday, December 03, 2013

A wedding in the city that never sleeps

I saw a link of this wedding posted in Facebook by one of my dearest friends and all at once, feelings of nostalgia washed over me like a tsunami.

If memory serves me right, I have only seen (in person) my friend Jamine's younger sister, Natalia maybe twice. Once when Jamine and I were in high school, which means that Natalia may have been just a tween then, and then 15 years ago, when Natalia may have been in middle school or college when I visited Jamine in Vancouver.

So it surprised me to know that Natalia just got married (how time flies) and I feel so much older now. Sniff.

I also recently visited New York for the first time last year and unbelievable but true, this city has a vibe that makes you fall in love with it, wanting to come back even before you leave the city limits.

Enjoy this lovely wedding. :-)

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