Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Orange thoughts

Although I've visited the Mango Farm for a Merienda Cena before, this was the first wedding that I attended at the venue.

Hubby's cousin, Ian, chose this wonderful garden to marry his lovely fiancee, Chinnie. 

Like most brides who want a personal touch on their wedding day, Chinnie crafted beaded boutonnieres and bouquets for her wedding.


The Wedding Enthusiast with the groom.

One of the handcrafted boutonnieres.

Thumbprints on the guest tree. :-)

The arrhae holder

Ian and his parents

The blushing bride walks down the aisle

Although it was still May, tents were provided due to the unpredictable weather.

The trees provided the perfect backdrop for this wonderful occasion. Nothing beats nature.

I just love how the trees seemed to be doing a choreographed curtsy for the sun. :-)

Although the Mango Farm is strict about having balloons (as the balloons tend to get stuck in the trees and the deflated balloons are scattered everywhere), they allowed the couple to use them during the picture- taking.

The glass pavilion in a sea of orange. :-)

Congratulations and best wishes Ian and Chinnie!

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