Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A tale of tables

Sometimes, wedding decor doesn't have to be ostentatious.

Receptions can be just as beautiful and memorable when they are clean, calm and quiet.

The following photos, captured by the talented eyes of Jaja Samaniego, feature the reception set-up of two different couples, two distinct renditions, yet the signature "magnificent simplicity" of Vatel Manila's handiwork shines through.

The first one feels like a playful kiss, reminding me of love notes folded carefully and lovingly, of shared sunsets, or an afternoon stroll...

In lieu of fresh flowers, these paper flowers require as much (or more) effort to beautify a table.

Neutral shades and Japanese - inspired printed wraps for the napkins.

Everything in crisp, classic white and cream over jute runners.

I am over the moon with the clear tent and chic lamps!

My favorite kind of vase, a tea pot! :-)

A set-up where everyone would truly want to have their photos taken.

Even these ribbons evoke a relaxed atmosphere.

Just so you know, Dylan of Vatel Manila also plays with color and when he does, he does so with purposeful restraint, mixing his palette with tints and textures so that the reception still feels celebratory yet never overwhelming.

The tables are dotted with masculine metal frames, tin lamps and wooden finials in contrast to the resplendent, feminine shade of plum.

These cacti are almost a permanent fixture in Vatel Manila set-ups, and why not? They are sturdy, almost always available and last much longer than most flowers.

The simple table decor allows for conversations and an unobstructed view of all the guests.

Sprigs make for delicate details. *gush*

A picture-perfect cake table.
I am so loving that backdrop, I could imagine myself using the fabric as a dress! Haha!

An example of an arrangement where flowers were meticulously chosen, color combination well-orchestrated to elicit perfect floral harmony.

Dylan of Vatel Manila at work.

I love it how Jaja was able to catch the light in this photo.
I could stare at this table napkin all day. *mesmerized*

Even with the use of color, the overall execution looks polished.

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