Sunday, April 18, 2010

Wedding gown worship

I've been dying to post this entry but words elude me.

There are just not enough adjectives to describe what it's like to meet the woman behind the gowns that make grooms cry. I might as well have kissed the ground she walked on. :-p

A few weeks ago, I accompanied an officemate for the first fitting of her bridal gown lining with none other than the dream-bridal-gown designer du jour, Veluz Reyes.

Another blogger that I regularly stalk, Veluz is one of the reasons I'd want to get married again. Her gowns are so mind-blowing, one might suffer from an aneurysm just by looking at all the gowns on her website.

Voted (and a winner of) the Supplier of the Year award from, Veluz' gowns have not only earned praises from her brides, their grooms and her peers, they have also been cited as one of the best bridal gowns by international wedding blogs as well. I wouldn't be surprised if her gowns find their way to the Oscars one of these days. :-)

Unlike most designers who spend an enormous amount of time planning fashion shows, filling up racks of ready-to-wears or creating gowns that celebrities borrow for pictorials or variety shows, Veluz' decision to shy away from mainstream publicity has made her more endearing for brides-to-be. Because unlike other designers who've earned quite a reputation for being overbearing with exorbitant gown prices, some not even able to deliver gowns on time or delivering gowns sloppily done, Veluz is truly a breath of fresh air.

Veluz, like her modest atelier, looks quite unassuming but once the conversation shifts to bridal gowns, she speaks with such eloquence, it would put all the Project Runway designers to shame.

I've always wondered how Veluz is in person. What's she like? Does she force you to accept her designs without listening to what you want as a bride-to-be? Is she snooty or snobbish, especially now that she's fully booked? Or is she as funny as her blogging voice?

Veluz' minimalist receiving room.
The door on the left leads to her office, the one on the right leads to the dressing room.

Below is a cabinet containing "thank you" pieces from brides,
her W@W awards and sample wedding accessories.

The fitting room.
Just stepping on the platform already makes the bride-to-be feel like a queen.

According to most Veluz brides, their fittings not only consist of conversations about not just the gown, but other wedding suppliers that Veluz would suggest to them. Because if her brides haven't decided or booked all their wedding suppliers yet, Veluz also recommends those that she has worked with based on the personality and vibe of her brides. She knows if her brides are the conservative, classical types or the avant-garde, adventurous types and suggests make-up artists, photographers, videographers and other suppliers that match her brides. How's that for all-around service?

Veluz also makes it a point not to overbook, limiting her weddings to just three brides per day. This is to ensure that she is present to dress up the brides and stays until the bride switches to her "second look" for the reception. Of course, it goes without saying that she will prioritize bride number 1 (the bride who books her first) but endorses her two other brides on the same day to her equally efficient staff just in case the weddings booked for the day make it impossible for her to be at three locations at the same time. :-)

It's obvious from Veluz' blog photos that she knows what areas to highlight and what areas to hide, making the bride look her best without resorting to plastic surgery. From the gowns you'll see in her blog, you would notice how she was able to make petite brides look elongated, brides on the heavy side less bulky and how each gown showcases the bride's personality.

Whatever the bride's silhouette, whatever type of cloth the bride wants -- lace, silk, satin, tulle, pina, chiffon, with flowers or feathers, Veluz' gowns look absolutely, utterly, without question, heart-stopping at any angle:








Uh, you still breathing?

Whenever I read Veluz' blog, I swear to myself that the newest gown she posted is my favorite. Then she spoils everything by posting a new one that tops the last gown. Arrggh.

Since I have not had the chance to be in one, I can only imagine how a Veluz gown feels --- the playful fabric probably kissing the bride's skin ever so softly, the beads and crystals reflecting dances of light in her eyes, floral appliques waving in the wind as they whisper to the bride "you are are beautiful..."

And as the bride walks, no, floats towards her groom down the aisle in her Veluz, she truly feels that she is the luckiest woman in the world.

That's me and Veluz, hoping that the next time I have a picture with her, she'd be dressing me up. :-)

Veluz Reyes
By Appointment
2089 F. Benitez Street, Malate,
Manila, Philippines

Phone : (632) 4825754 (632)5245979
Mobile : (63922) 8175681
Email :

All photos of the other brides are from Veluz' blog,


Candy said...

How lovely!

"Whenever I read Veluz' blog, I swear to myself that the newest gown she posted is my favorite. Then she spoils everything by posting a new one that tops the last gown."

I get the same feeling! hahaha!

Melissa Genao said...

I live in the United States. Does Veluz work with brides in the states? And how much do her dress prices cost? What's the range usually?

Meleen Carlos said...

Hi Melissa,

Yes, Veluz has made gowns for several overseas brides. I think Veluz will be travelling to the US late this year. Rates start from $2000 depending on the complexity of the design, the kind/amount of fabric/embroidery/beading.

Best to call or email her (and she'll do a videocon with you if you wish).

Good luck!