Thursday, February 19, 2009

One happy THEY in May

These photos, which I asked permission to grab from Facebook were entitled "One Happy Day in May." I beg to differ because as anyone can see from the photos , it wasn't the day that was happy, it was "they". Hahaha.

That's Jeryc, college classmate-default navigator and adventure seeking cohort-partner in pursuing our respective passions when we were in our twenties-favorite photographer and friend and his obvious-from-the-pictures-blushing bride (who I still haven't met in person), Ley.

Far from the overbearing beaded gowns and towering cakes, this happy day was an intimate gathering of family and friends, because well, love couldn't wait. :-) Take away all the usual wedding frou-frou and you still end up with the essentials -- the happy couple and what binds them together --- insanity, er, love. :-)

After saying "I do" at the City Hall, off to Casa Armas in Malate the happy couple and their family went to wine on some Schramsberg and dine on paella, roast chicken, fresh spanish anchovies, callos, and well, knowing Jeryc, great conversation was the centerpiece.

Look at that cute cake.

Ah, l'amour.

Can't wait to meet the indigo bride. :-) To Jeryc and Ley, may happy theys, er, I mean days be abundant in your married life!

And Jeryc, make sure she'll always be one happy Ley forever and a day. :-)

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Lea said...

This is so marvelous :-)! Even though we’ve never met I feel quite at ease posting a comment on your page. Jeryc has told me so much about you that I feel as though I already know you.
I am so embarrassed that you, Jeryc’s closest friend, were not there to share our excitement. I hope you allow us to make it up to you and Rahyan :-)