Sunday, July 15, 2007

Plate or pile?

Filipinos love to eat. Ok, that was an understatement.

Filipinos live to eat, is more like it.

For most of the people in this country, there is no such thing as a restrictive diet unless you are allergic to some type of food or if your life depended on it. Filipinos love it when there's a lot of food to go around, even asking for doggie-bags (which really won't be for their dogs -- hehe) during family celebrations. Think of them as having "to-go" food instead of dining in. You'll see this type of behavior in most Filipino celebrations -- birthdays, baptisms, family reunions, Christmas parties, and of course, weddings. More food, much better.

And that is why, some wedding guests get disappointed when they attend weddings that have plated portions instead of allowing them to choose the food they food like to eat from a buffet table. Also, this appeases most palates since plated foods are usually just one kind unless you have instructed your restaurant, caterer or hotel to provide carnivores and herbivores the option to choose meat or fish.

Caterers know that Filipinos love food variety so most of the menu they offer consist of chicken/poultry, fish/seafood/shellfish, pork, beef, vegetables, dessert and bottomless drinks to go with the almost bottomless food and tummies. :-) I do suggest that you go with variety rather than an expensive plated menu to appease most of your guests. Well, that might exclude me since I'm easy to please. Hehe.

When I was planning my own wedding, I wanted to hold my reception at the Manila Hotel's Champagne Room since the room already provides a beautiful set-up. I already had a plated menu in mind but when I stumbled upon a caterer who offered good food (and value and variety), I chose to go with the latter. My venue was a simple hall and my caterer just provided me with beautiful flowers for the reception. I'm glad I made that decision because my guests were raving about the food. It didn't bother me that my reception set-up wasn't as spectacular as I imagined it to be at the Champagne room but at least my guests' stomachs didn't go home wanting.

Whatever your preference may be, just make sure your guests enjoy whatever food you intend to have. And make sure you and your groom get to eat too!

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Frances said...

I went with the plated dinner. First, because my husband and I hate buffets! We can't stand falling in line. So we thought we'd do our guests a favor by serving them their food. We heard a lot of protests so I asked Le Souffle for a fabulous menu (for meat-eaters, kids, and herbivores).

Le Souffle did not disappoint. Second course pa lang, busog na my guests--three more courses to go! People were groaning with delight (after a while, if you close your eyes, they sounded like they were having sex!).

Till now, people have forgotten what happened on the wedding but they're still talking about the food! I guess, basta pinag-isipan mo and pinag-handaan, guests will enjoy themselves, even if you do the unexpected.