Thursday, May 17, 2007

Sun up or sun down?

Some brides are morning people. Some are party people.

When I got married, the ceremony started at 10am followed by a lunch reception. I almost didn't make it to church on time because I called in the make-up artist and her team at 6am to fix up seven females. I realize now that we should have given an earlier call time. I have heard of make-up artists going to the bridal room as early as 3am and it's like preparing for simbang gabi :-)

One of my sisters and some of my cousins got married in the afternoon. This gave them more time to plan, re-plan, troubleshoot and revise anything from the wedding march to the reception program. True, afternoon weddings and dinner receptions are ideal, especially if you were up all night finishing your do-it-yourself souvenirs or rearranging your table assignments. Or if your groom was tempted by his barkada to do the stag party the night before your wedding. Poor, poor you.

In the afternoon, the pictures are usually more dramatic with the sun setting after the ceremony and having fireworks at night during the reception. But since I was to be wed in a no-so-lit church, I chose to get married late in the morning when the sun was at its peak. Also, I was getting married on a Saturday and on a rainy month so I chose a time when traffic was lightest and unfortunately, that was usually in the morning.

So, what are the benefits of holding your wedding in the morning?

  • For one, more natural light, less flashbulbs.
  • I haven't really attended a breakfast menu wedding but I've always heard people say that it's cheaper than a lunch or dinner reception
  • To match the light food, no pressure to provide alcoholic beverages
  • Your bridal gown and entourage dresses could be made of lighter fabric, pastel hues vs. nightime long gowns with lots of beads
  • Less traffic (except if you're getting married on a school day)
  • Some events venues even offer discounted prices for morning celebrations

How about afternoon/evening ceremonies and receptions?

  • More time to prepare
  • More people likely to attend especially if you're holding it on a working day
  • A sunset shot
  • Fireworks
  • Party music
  • Booze

How about not-so-nice things you'll have to deal with?

For morning weddings:

  • Vendors late for their call time
  • People late for the ceremony -- couldn't wake up early
  • Can't do an outdoor reception because of the heat

For afternoon/evening weddings:

  • People get really hungry because they skipped lunch getting ready for the ceremony
  • People leave early to get ready for work if you marry on a working day or a Sunday, may waste the fact that you hired a band
  • The elderly sleep during your ceremony
  • Children will get fussy -- time for bed or skipped their afternoon nap
  • Drunk and/or rowdy guests

Whatever time you choose, make sure it's the time that you and your groom are comfortable with so whatever happens, you enjoy your own wedding. :-)

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Frances said...

I had an afternoon wedding on a Wednesday!

The bad thing: Fewer guests, which can be a good thing because you have fewer people to attend to (and feed!), but mostly because I now know who really realy loves me and my hubby.

The bad thing: Guests leave early, which can be a good thing because me and hubby had time to have married sex on our wedding night!!!